Product Name: Gestra SPECTORCONTROL-II
Brand: Gestra
Control, Display and Operating Panel SPECTORcontrol II

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System description The SPECTORcontrol is used for controlling, monitoring and displaying. Via an IO module, signals can be processed by the SPECTORconnect/bus devices, by analogue/digital sensors and actuators. Some control and operating devices in the system may not be required if the SPECTORcontrol is used. Via the interfaces, burner control systems can be linked via Modbus and integrated in a control system via Modbus TCP or OPC, or via optional Profibus. The SPECTORcontrol is operated either directly via the graphic operator panel or remotely. The SPECTORcontrol offers the following service functions: ? Parameter indication ? Open/closed-loop control functions ? Monitoring SPECTORconnect/bus devices ? Trend indication ? Indicating and monitoring maintenance intervals ? Presenting accumulated flowrates/steam flowrates ? Indication of the last 512 historic alarms ? Password protectionFunction The SPECTORcontrol is a boiler management system with open/closed-loop control, display and monitoring functions. The SPECTORcontrol continuously receives and analyses all transferred process data. The system enables analogue and digital signals to be processed, and allows you to set alarm and switching thresholds for them. These signals can be freely processed in the system. They can be assigned directly to the controllers, for example, or processed via logic and calculation functions, before being emitted once again via an analogue or digital output (IPO model). These signals can therefore be used to accomplish many different tasks. Consequently, far less equipment is required in the control cabinet. All inputs and outputs can be linked, parameters set, actual values viewed and trend data assigned via the touchscreen, with no specialist programming knowledge.