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Gestra UNA-PN25

Product Name: Gestra UNA-PN25
Brand: Gestra
Product Code: UNA-PN25
Tags: Gestra Gestra UNA-PN25 UNA-PN25
Float Trap UNA · PN 25 DN 80 and 100 mm (3 and 4")

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Description Float trap with slide valve closing mechanism for draining condensate from steam systems and for the discharge of other cold condensates or distillates. The slide valve is operated by the ball float as a function of the condesate level in the trap, i.e. the cross-sectional area depends on the amount of condensate formed. Body with flanged cover. The control unit is connected to the cover. After removal of the cover the control unit is easily accessible without removing the trap from the line. Standard design with vent valve and lifting lever permitting purging of the trap during operation.