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Gestra LRG17-40

Product Name: Gestra LRG17-40
Brand: Gestra
Product Code: LRG17-40
Tags: Gestra LRG17-40 Gestra LRG17-40
conductivity electrodes LRG 17-40

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Description The conductivity electrodes LRG 16-40, LRG 16-41, LRG 17-40 consist of a TDS (= Total Dissolved Solids) monitoring electrode for conductivity measurement, a temperature sensor for detecting the fluid temperature and a conductivity transmitter that is fully integrated in the terminal box. The conductivity electrodes LRG 16-40, LRG 17-40 work according to the conductometric measurement principle and use two electrodes. The conductivity electrode LRG 16-41 also uses the conductometric measurement principle but works with four electrodes. All three electrode types monitor the electrical conductivity of electrically conductive fluids. Together with the TDS controller LRR 1-40 and an operating device type URB or SPECTORcontrol the conductivity electrode LRG can be used as conductivity limiter and continuous blowdown controller in steam boilers and (pressurized) hot water plants or as conductivity meter in condensate and feedwater systems. The conductivity electrodes LRG 16-40, LRG 17-40 are particularly well suited for steam boilers with low TDS content, e.g. in steam regenerators, high-pressure boilers or condensate vessels. The conductivity electrode LRG 16-41 is designed for industrial boiler plants up to PN 40 and max. admissible conductivities of 8000 / 6000 ?S/cm according to TRD/EN. The data exchange between the conductivity electrode LRG, the control and operating equipment and other devices is effected by the CAN bus to ISO 11898, using the CANopen protocols.Technical Data Test approval no. TÜV . WÜL . xx-007 Service pressure LRG 16-40, LRG 16-41: 32 bar at 238 °C LRG 17-40: 60 bar at 275 °C End connection Screwed 1", ISO 228-1 Materials Electrode screw-in body: 1.4571, X6CrNiMoTi17-12-2 Measuring electrode(s): 1.4571, X6CrNiMoTi 17-12-2 Electrode rod insulation: PTFE Terminal box 3.2161 G AlSi8Cu3 LRG 16-40, LRG 17-40: Measuring tube & screw 1.4571, X6CrNiMoTi17-12-2 LRG 16-40, LRG 16-41: Spacer disks PEEK LRG 17-40: Spacer disks PEEK HT Temperature sensor Resistance thermometer Pt 1000