Goulds VIDS (VS2/VS7) Vertical Mixed & Axial Flow

Goulds VIDS (VS2/VS7)   Vertical Mixed & Axial Flow Image

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Double Suction Vertical Pump Unique specific designs that optimized results. Each model of the VIDS line is customized to conform to project specifications. They are available in open pit or can configurations. •  Capacities up to 15,900m³/h | 70,000 GPM •  Heads to 244 m | 800 ft on single stage configuration 1,060 m | 3,500 ft on multi-stage configuration •  Temperatures to 204° C | 400° F •  Pressures to 76 kg/cm² | 2,500 psi •  Horsepower to 3,730 kw | 5,000 hp Maximum suspended solids concentration (1 stage): 10,000 PPM   Applications: •  Pipeline Booster •  Product Transfer, Refinery Blending •  Injection-Secondary Recovery •  Chemical Transfer •  Boiler Feed •  Condensate •  Cryogenics •  LNG Transfer •  Light Hydrocarbons •  Water Services •  Dirty water •  Sea water •  Reclaim & process water Materials: Any Machinable Alloy