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For the toughest services. Thousands of installations handle stock, solids, fibrous / stringy materials, abrasive slurries, and corrosives. Dynamic seal option eliminates mechanical seal problems. Features i-ALERT® 2 condition monitoring as standard. •  Capacities to 6,360 m³/h | 28,000 GPM •  Heads to 107 m | 350 ft •  Temperatures to 232° C | 450°F •  Pressures to 20 bar | 285 PSIG Applications: •  Pulp & Paper Paper stock through 6% Consistency, Black Liquor, Hydropulper and Broke Service, Low NPSH Digester Circulation, Blow tank to Screens, Primary Screens Rejects, High Density Chlorine Tower to Washer, Flotation Cell Circulation •  Chemical Evaporator and Reboiler Circulation, Slurry Services •  Petroleum Corrosive/Abrasive Crude, Catalyst Slurry,        Coke fines •  Steel Mill Descaling, Waste Treatment, Venturi Scrubber,        Electro-Galvanizing Recirculation •  Food Fruit Pulps, Grain mash and Spent Grains,        Evaporator Recirculation, Beet and Cane Sugar,        Corn Products •  General Waste Treatment, Air Pollution Abatement,        Acid Mine Water, Textile Slurries Materials: AI/CD4MCuN, CD4MCuN, 316SS, 317SS, Hast-C, Alloy 20,  Super Duplex. Other materials available upon request.