Greisinger GMK210 Material Moisture Measuring Device

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Material moisture measuring device for caravan and boatHIGHLIGHTS:Moisture display in percentAcoustical and visual moisture rating14 material characteristics for wood and GRP2 different measurement depth for caravan & boatSearch mode for quickly locating humidity and the likeGENERAL:The GMK 210 is a capacitive material moisture measuring device with direct moisture display in percent. It is optimally suited for home and handicraft. Depending on the application, it is possible to display the material moisture “u” or the water content “w”. The humidity is measured by a measuring plate on the back of the device. With a sidemounted switch the measuring depth can be changed. With the help of measurements in different depth a statement could be made if for example the material dries already or if the moisture is just on the surface of the material.APPLICATION:Humidity measurement and indication of wood and GFK (glass fiber reinforced plastic)SPECIFICATIONS:Display:2 displays for material and measured value, in% material moisture or in% moisture content, backlightMoisture ratingVisual:Rating of the moisture in 6 levels from WET to DRYAcoustic:Signal toneMeasurement depths:10 mm and 25 mmCurves:14 characteristic curves for wood (with assignment table for wood species) and GRP, insulating materials ie polystyrene; additionally reference curve for high-resolution relative measurementsScope of supply:Device, battery, calibration protocol, manual