Holthausen DUO Signal-Converter (hol500)

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DESCRIPTION: The DUO-signal converter offers the possibility of two distinct metrics independently of one another, take and prepare for further processing.Since you can connect two different sensors on the device, the simultaneous monitoring of vibration and temperature with a device, for example. This has the advantage that you can reach through the control of two measurements double security for your machines and Monatage costs are lower.The transmitter in the device converts the incoming sensor signals, which are then output as 0 to 20 mA or 4 to 20 mA analog signals. So that subsequent warning devices can be addressed. Thanks to this early detection, increased wear is avoided with the associated costs and extend the life of the monitored machines or devices.Due to the robust aluminum die-cast housing and simple installation and operation of the DUO-signal converter high reliability is assured.APPLICATION FIELDS: In all technical applications in which two measures are to be taken, the DUO-signal converter is a valuable aid constitutes Here are some examples from the field of vibration monitoring.:Bearings, fans, pumps and blowersVibrators, decanters and separatorsProduction and transportation facilitiesdrivesTools, processing and production machinesTECHNICAL DATA:Operating voltage:24V DC ± 10%Power consumption:max. 120mATemperature range:0°C to 65°CDegree of protection:IP 65weight:about 480g