Holthausen ICP Constant current source (hol491)

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DESCRIPTION: The ICP ® I-supply is used for adjustment of vibration sensors on subsequent evaluation circuits.The device provides a filtered output signal in the form of an alternating voltage which is proportional to the measurement signal. An integrated sensor monitoring checks the sensor and its connecting cable permanently short circuit and open circuit. The transmission range is between 0.2 Hz and 10 kHz. The adjustable gain factors are x1, x10 and x100.The robust plastic terminal housing for DIN-rail systems, as well as the simple installation and operation of ICP ® I-supply high reliability is assured.APPLICATION FIELDS:  In all technical applications in which oscillations occur, the ICP ® I-supply valuable support represents Here are some examples.:Gain (processing) of small signals / adaptation of sensors to• measuring equipment (oscilloscope, for example)• Computer interface cards or other ports TECHNICAL DATA:Operating voltage:24V DC ± 10%Current consumption:max. 30mAprotection:IP20weight:ca. 90gsensor supply:4mA ±5% / 10mA ±5%amplification:x1, x10, x100frequency:0,2Hz .. 10kHz (-3dB)Output signal:acceleration as alternating voltage at max. ± 8vs