Kingsbury CH Thrust/Journal System

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Kingsbury's CH Bearing System consists of a NDE unit featuring a flange-mounted housing with an equalized thrust bearing and a journal bearing shell, and a DE unit without a thrust bearing. The CH System is unique because it is completely self-contained, thereby eliminating the need for an external lube skid, emergency pump, accumulator, rundown tank or other special arrangements for oil lubrication. Since no separate lubrication system is required, the cost savings are significant. Lubrication of the bearings is autonomous, as the NDE unit acts as a viscosity pump driven by shaft rotation. The system's oil circulator, working in tandem with the rotating collar, draws oil up from the sump as soon as the pump is switched on and therefore assures lubrication whenever the machine is in operation. The self-contained CH System is economical for industrial pump applications because it: Eliminates the need for an external lube skid Does not require a backup lube system Simplifies engineering and maintenance Uses air, fresh water or sea water for cooling Options and Instrumentation Basic Model Standard CH and C units are supplied with the option of a half or full flange, a flat or spigot mount, labyrinth end seals or bearing isolators, as well as provisions for temperature detectors, axial and radial vibration probes, and lifting bolts. Each housing configuration allows for three standard shaft diameters that can be adapted to accommodate special customer requirements if necessary. Please refer to the drawings on pages 12 to 13 for all standardized options. Instrumentation Instrumentation taps are provided for temperature sensing, vibration monitoring, and phase reference monitoring. Please see the callouts indicated on the photos for tap options and locations. Kingsbury can also provide instrumentation, if requested.