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The patented BPG is a directed lubrication journal bearing with Kingsbury's distinctive oil groove placed between the pads. It delivers significantly better performance in high-speed turbomachinery applications than flooded bearings. We've eliminated the end plates to allow oil to flow freely through the bearing. This unique yet simple design optimizes lubrication while minimizing power loss. The BPG is easy to assemble since it only has three main components – an aligning ring, bearing pads, and oil-feed bars. In addition, the length/width ratio represents the true width, so the BPG fits into a more compact envelope, allowing users to minimize machine space while improving load-carrying capacity. The versatile BPG also features several options such as a variety of babbitt materials including the standard ASTM B23 Alloy 2, TEGOSTAR®, and babbitt alternatives such as PEEK; special tilting pad designs to suit your application; and SSV grooves to ensure stability.