Koso 3800LA Microprocessor Controlled Actuators

Koso 3800LA Microprocessor Controlled Actuators Image

Koso 3800LA Microprocessor Controlled Actuators

Product Name: Koso 3800LA Microprocessor Controlled Actuators
Brand: Koso
Product Code: 3800LA

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3800LA/3800RA/3800DA: Microprocessor Controlled ActuatorsThis Series represents intelligent digital actuators targeting the control method of the next generation.They are process control devices of multi-function hybrid structure incorporationg computer functions to fully utilize advan-tages of both electric and hydraulic types, ie., high speed and large output. Major components are digital motor, gear pump and electronic circuit. Unique hydraulic Flow Match System (pat-ented) controlled by direct digital signals secures stabilized high speed response and high accurancy action. Fail safe upon power loss. Furthermore, with three kinds of power modules that have redundancy and high power, electric safety is enhanced. With this Series, we have come closest ever to the concept of "Maintenance free."SpecificationsTypeLinear Stem Motion TypeRotary Stem Motion TypeCrank Arm Motion Type3800LA3800RA3800DAMax. output533787 N11300 N·m11300 N·mPower sourceAC100V 50/60 HZOptions: AC120V, AC220V, AC440V, DC48V, DC24VMax. stroke/angle550mmControl signal4 to 20mA DC, Direct-digital, Pulse, Two position, Manual(up/down push-button)Environment temp.Actuator: -30 to +70°(Options: +93°)CONTOROL ENCLOSURE; -40 to +60°Deadband0.05%(minimum) Selectable at the PCP between 0.05% and 5.0% of calibrated signal spanPositioning accuracy< 0.15% of full strokeLinearity< 0.15% of full strokeRepeatability< 0.15% of full strokeEnclosure typeNEMA 4 × (STD), FM approved Class 1, Div.2, Groups A, B, C & D and NEMA 4 ×OptionsSpring return type, Position Transmitter, Limit Switches, Manual Override.