Koso 3300R Motorized Actuators

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Koso 3300R Motorized Actuators

Product Name: Koso 3300R Motorized Actuators
Brand: Koso
Product Code: 3300R

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3100R/3200R/3300R/3400R/3400L/3420R/3420L/3900R: Motorized ActuatorsHere is a line-up of motor-operated actuators of basically ON/OFF control. 3100 series is featured by small-size, lightweight and high output. 3400 series and 3420 series use case, cover, mounting portion, etc. commonly with a full-electronic actuator. 3900 series can be used for an inexpensive and simple instrumentation, with a potentiometer mounted for detection of control position, besides small size and lightweight. Explosion-proof approved models are also replete. See here for models and details of specification.SpecificationsPrincipal uses2-position control / Endless control / Multi-revolution controlPowerDrive motorAC reversible motorPower supplySingle phase 100V AC 50/60HzMotor rating30 minutesControl mechanismInput signalSwitching contactInput signal- With control pack4 to 20mA DC or 1 to 5V DCOpening signal transmission- OptionalPotentiometer (5K?/135?)Ancillary mechanismControl positiondetection-OptionalAuxiliary limit switch (voltfree), maximum points of detection 2 placesDismountable handle type,wit clutch- OptionalDismountable handle type, wit clutchOverload protectionWith built-in thermal protectorSpace heater- Optional* Please contact us for details, as this matter depends on the power supply voltage.Control- OptionalControl pack (endless type cannot be mounted)Conditions for installationAmbient temperature-10 to 50°Ambient temperature- With space heater-20 to 40°Mounting positionShould not be mounted in an inverted position from the maintenance face.Body portionExternal sheath typeProtection class IP55 or equivalentWiring portG1/2 (1 place)Wiring port- OptionalVarious adaptors can be mounted,Terminal boxInstallation seatConforms to ISO