Max Air BS45-220MA3 Limit Switch

Max Air BS45-220MA3  Limit Switch Image

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he Max-Air 45 Series aluminum series limit switch boxes are an extremely reliable, robust, and time tested solution for your position monitoring needs. Switches available with mechanical, proximity and inductive switch types.The ACROMATIC range of pneumatic position indicators are designed to provide high reliability operation that guarantees a link between the Control Room and automated process valves.Acrodyne’s many years of experience and technical expertise enable us to provide complete solutions for special applications from product concept, design and development through manufacturing of the finished product.Acrodyne’s goal is continued product enhancements and additions to meet changing customer needs, providing a number of different models for different environments and applications.  Product solutions supplied have a range of international certifications for Hazardous area use and a variety of configurations to enable a complete solution.