Mecair DB112C Diaphragm Kit

Mecair DB112C Diaphragm Kit Image

Mecair DB112C Diaphragm Kit

Product Name: Mecair DB112C Diaphragm Kit
Brand: Mecair
Product Code: DB112C
Diaphragm Kit

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DB112 Replacement kit for Mecair?¬ Diaphragm Valve Kit 1 1/2" Single Stage TypeMecair® valves offer you a Diaphragm solution that ensures that your pulse valve remains sterile and free of contamination. Its compact size of 1 1/2 inch allows for installation in limited piping space. It comes with a Single-stage type regulator helping drop pressure only once. Plus its body made of rubber being resistant to corrosion leaves you with a product which is durable and serves you for years to come.Features• A rubber body to protect from corrosion• Single-stage type regulator helping drop pressure only once.• Compact size for ease of installation• Robust Dust cleaning ability• Excellent Open/close durability to withstand consistent cycles of opening and closing.Mecair DB112C Diyafram Repair KitsMecair DB112 Diaphragm