Meggitt Vibro-Meter JB105 Junction Box

Meggitt Vibro-Meter JB105   Junction Box Image

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Robust aluminium junction box for use with vibration sensors (CA, CE, CV, PV, SE and VE).The JB105 is a high-quality junction box with screw terminals for up to 3 connections, available with a range of input/output cable glands (cable fittings). For use in harsh environments.FeaturesHigh-quality, robust junction box for the protection of connections between cables with flying leads, such as in CE vibration measurement systemsDie-cast aluminium enclosure with a screw-fastened cover, containing a connecting ciruit board with screw-terminal blocksWide range of cable fittings (stuffing glands) for the cable entriesIP65 protection rating PARAMETER VALUE (IMPERIAL | METRIC) Number of screw-terminal connections 3 Housing material Aluminium Housing gasket material Neoprene Operating temperature range ?4 to 194 °F | ?20 to 90 °C Protection rating IP65