Pall HZ8671A20UW1 Duplex Filter

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8670/8671 Series Duplex Oil Filters AssemblyCoralon® lube and hydraulic oil filters deliver consistent, high level fluid system protection across all applications, regardless of severity. Coralon filters feature BetaX(C) >1000 filter efficiency, low pressure drop and long service life.Features Flows to 190 lpm (50 US gpm) Pressures to 80 bard (1200 psi) Port size 1 1/4" SpecificationsFilter Housing Typical Burst Pressure 380 bar (5500 psi) Filter Element Collapse Pressure: 20 bard (290 psid) – 8670 series 207 bard (3000 psid) – 8671 series Fluid Compatibility: Compatible with all petroleum oils and most water glycols, water-oil emulsions, and synthetic hydraulic and lubricating fluids Temperature Range: -29 ˚C to 120 ˚C (-20 ˚F to 250 ˚F) 60 ˚C (140 ˚F) maximum in HWCF or water glycols Bypass Valve Setting: 3.4 bard (50 psid) – 8670 series Non-bypass – 8671 series Indicator Pressure Setting: 2.4 bard (35 psid) – 8670 series 7 bard (100 psid) – 8671 series Housing Materials of Construction: Iron head; steel bowls