Sauter AVM321SF132 Actuator

Sauter AVM321SF132 Actuator Image

Sauter AVM321SF132 Actuator

Product Name: Sauter AVM321SF132 Actuator
Brand: Sauter
Product Code: AVM321SF132

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FeaturesIn ventilation air conditioning units for actuating 2- and 3-way valves of type series AVM 321S: VUD, VUE, VUN, BUD, BUE, BUN and AVM 322S: V6R, VQD, VQE, VUG, VUP, VUS, B6R, BQD, BQE, BUG, BUSFor controllers with constant output (0…10 V / 4…20 mA) or switching output (2-point or 3-point control)BLDC motor (brushless DC) with SUT (SAUTER Universal Technology) electronic control unit of the third generation and electronic load-dependent cut-offAutomatic detection of applied control signal (continuous or switching), operating indicator using bi-colour LEDAutomatic adaptation to the stroke of the valve, between 8 and 20 mmLow operating noiseWith the built-in absolute distance measurement system, the position is always maintained in the case of power failureThe direction of operation, characteristic (linear/equal percentage), positioning time and control signal (voltage/current) can be adjusted via coding switchesIntegrated forced operation can be set via coding switches (with selectable direction of operation)Easy re-initialisation using a coding switchCrank handle for external manual adjustment with motor cut-offSimple assembly with valve; spindle is automatically connected after control voltage is appliedNumerous adapters enable the unit to be fitted onto non-SAUTER valvesElectrical parallel operation of five actuatorsParameterisation option via the BUS interfaceThree-piece housing made of flame-retardant yellow/black plastic and seals with type of protection IP54Maintenance-free gearbox made of plastic; threaded spindle and gearbox base-plates made of steelPatented actuator-valve couplingMounting column made of aluminiumFixing bracket made of cast light alloy for valve fitting with 20 mm stroke and made of plastic for valve fitting with 8 mm strokeElectrical connections (max. 1.5 mm²) with screw terminalsTwo break-out cable inlets for metric cable glands made of plastic M20 × 1.5Fitting vertically upright to horizontal, not suspendedNominal thrust 1000 N