Sauter BUE050F200 3W-Fl Valve

Sauter BUE050F200 3W-Fl Valve Image

Sauter BUE050F200 3W-Fl Valve

Product Name: Sauter BUE050F200 3W-Fl Valve
Brand: Sauter
Product Code: BUE050F200 3W-Fl

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FeaturesContinuous control of cold and hot water in closed circuitsWater quality as per VDI 2035In combination with valve actuators AVM 105(S), AVM 115(S), AVM 321(S) and AVF 124 and AVF 125(S) as a control unitNot suitable for drinking waterValve with flange connection as per EN 1092-2, seal form B, for PN 16 and PN 10Regulating valve, free of silicone grease, painted blackEqual-percentage characteristic with F300, can be set with SUT valve actuators (SAUTER Universal Technology) to linear or quadraticValve passage A–AB is closed when the spindle is moved outCan be used as a control valve or a distribution valveValve body and seat made of grey cast ironStainless-steel spindlePlug made of brass with glass-fibre reinforced PTFE sealing ringStuffing box made of brass with wiper ring and double O-ring seal made of EPDM