SKF 719/9 ACE/P4A Angular Contact Ball Bearing

SKF 719/9 ACE/P4A Angular Contact Ball Bearing Image

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Dimensions d 9mmD 20mmB 6mmd1 12.5mmd2 11.76mmD1 16.52mmK 0.5mmC1 3.65mmr1,2min.0.3mmr3,4min.0.15mma 6.9mmAbutment dimensions damin.11mmdbmin.11mmDamax.18mmDbmax.19.2mmramax.0.3mmrbmax.0.15mmdn 13.3mmCalculation data Basic dynamic load ratingC 1.95kNBasic static load ratingC0 0.765kNFatigue load limitPu 0.032kNAttainable speed for grease lubrication  120000r/minAttainable speed for oil-air lubrication  180000r/minBall diameterDw 3.175mmNumber of ballsz 11 Reference grease quantityGref 0.09cm³Preload and stiffness (back-to-back, face-to-face)Preload class AGA 17NStatic axial stiffness, preload class A  28N/µmPreload class BGB 50NStatic axial stiffness, preload class B  41N/µmPreload class CGC 100NStatic axial stiffness, preload class C  54N/µmCalculation factorsCalculation factorf 1.03 Calculation factorf1 0.98 Calculation factorf2A 1 Calculation factorf2B 1.04 Calculation factorf2C 1.08 Calculation factorfHC 1.01 Calculation factore 0.68 Calculation factor (single, tandem)Y2 0.87 Calculation factor (single, tandem)Y0 0.38 Calculation factor (single, tandem)X2 0.41 Calculation factor (back-to-back, face-to-face)Y1 0.92 Calculation factor (back-to-back, face-to-face)Y2 1.41 Calculation factor (back-to-back, face-to-face)Y0 0.76 Calculation factor (back-to-back, face-to-face)X2 0.67 Mass Mass bearing  0.007kg