Stauff SPAL-4022-PA-DPAL-AS-M-W12 Clamp

Stauff SPAL-4022-PA-DPAL-AS-M-W12 Clamp Image

Stauff SPAL-4022-PA-DPAL-AS-M-W12 Clamp

Product Name: Stauff SPAL-4022-PA-DPAL-AS-M-W12 Clamp
Brand: Stauff
Product Code: SPAL-4022-PA-DPAL-AS-M-W12 Clamp
Tags: Stauff Stauff Clamp Stauff SPAL-4022-PA-DPAL-AS-M-W12 SPAL-4022-PA-DPAL-AS-M-W12 Stauff SPAL-4022-PA-DPAL-AS-M-W12 Clamp SPAL-4022-PA-DPAL-AS-M-W12 Clamp

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Clamp BodiesMaterial: Polypropylene (green)Profiled inside surface with tension clearance*Also available in Polyamide, Thermoplastic Elastomer and AluminiumWeld PlatesMaterial: Carbon steel, phosphatedThread: Metric ISO Threaded*Unified Coarse (UNC) threaded weld plates also available, other material options include: Carbon steel (untreated), Carbon steel (zinc/nickel-plated) & 304/316 stainless steelCover PlatesMaterial: Carbon Steel, zinc/nickel-plated*Also available in 304/316 stainless steelHexagon Head BoltMaterial: Carbon Steel, zinc/nickel-platedThread: Metric ISO Threaded*Unified Coarse (UNC) threaded bolts also available, other material options include: 304/316 stainless steel*For further details on fire-proof and corrosion preventing clamp body materials, tested and approved according to several international fire-protection standards, please get in touch with our sales team for pricing and availability