Tecsis E3908 Handheld Measuring Instrument ViSens

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Handheld measuring instrument ViSens  This digital hand-held display unit has all the necessary functions to process the output signalsof sensors in 2- and 3-wire technology and display the measured value directly.  Operation via soft menu keys and cursor keys along with the large dot-matrix display makes handling particularly easy. ViSens is the ideal addition to the range of sensors from tecsis.  The capacity of the rechargeable battery allows for more than 8 hours operation without external power supply. Due to the integrated bypass connector it is possible to link the ViSens to the measuring cable and the sensor will stay connected to the installation. ViSens is able to recognise specially coded sensors and choose automatically the correct calibration out of the 20 preset parameter sets. Hence ViSens can beconnected to 20 different sensors and use always the correct calibration data for indicating. Individual calibration with maximum three supporting points, unit, Filter and decimal point can be done. Many different units can be chosen: N, kN, kg, t,bar, kbar, hpas, psi, K, °C, °F, kg/mm2, ?, mmHg, mmWs, inHg, m, mm, °, mA and V.