Woerner 463.298 Control Unit

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Control Unit 463.298 for Three Spraying Devices Type SBD-B at Maximum Technical Data: Use: The control unit serves to control a spraying lubrication system comprising three spraying devices at maximum. Power consumption: 4 W Supply voltage: 24VDC - Voltage at inputs: 24 VDC Input resistance of inputs: 6,8 kR Temperature range: -5...50°C Protection type: IP 20 250V at 30 VDC; 5A Data protection: 10 years 15% to +20% (Incl. residual ripple) Response time of inputs: 10 msec Outputs contact data: AC max. After control voltage switch-on, the unit is ready for operation. Upon making of contact "I1” (system ON), pre-lubrication is carried out. At the same time, the lubrication system's auto-matic mode of operation is activated. In conjunction with automatic operation, a cycle time lapses. After reaching the preset cycle time, lubrication is carried out. Cycle time is set to 0 and starts to lapse again. With every opening of the "system ON” contact, the cycle time is set to 0. When contact "I4” (hand ON) is made, lubrication can be initiated.