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Woerner KFA-A level switch

Product Name: Woerner KFA-A level switch
Brand: Woerner
Product Code: Woerner KFA-A level switch
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Artikel: KFA-A
Woerner KFA-A level switch

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Level Switch KFA-A ++ Two switching points for level monitoring max. One switching point for temperature monitoring Simple installation ++ Small size Application: Function - Level Switch: Function - Thermostat: Technical Data - Thermostat B 30VDC: Technical Data - Thermostat C 250VAC: Monitoring of levels and temperatures of liquids. When the oil level decreases and the float reaches the switching points, the contacts will be actuated magnetically. The switching positions of the contacts are maintained until the float moves over them again by virtue of the raising oil level. A bimetal disc which can be influenced by temperature is switching as soon as the adjusted switching temperature is reached. Thermostates with various switching temperatures and voltages are available (see order designation). Technical Data - General: Technical Data - Reed Contact: Operating pressure at max.: 1 bar Temerature range: 0 ... 90 °C Mounting position: vertical ± 10° Material: Tube and thermostat: Copper alloy Float: Polyurethane foam Flange: Copper alloy Sealing: NBR Protection type: IP 65 Plug- and socket connection: see BBZ Weight at L=300: 0,16 kg