Yuken JT-02-35-11 Switch

Yuken JT-02-35-11 Switch Image

Yuken JT-02-35-11 Switch

Product Name: Yuken JT-02-35-11 Switch
Brand: Yuken
Product Code: JT-02-35-11 Switch
Tags: Yuken JT-02-35-11 Yuken JT-02-35-11 Switch Yuken Switch Switch JT-02-35-11 Switch Yuken JT-02-35-11

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These pre ssure switches have built-in electronic circuits on a semiconctor pressure sensor . An open collector insulated by a photocoupler has been used for the output.Since the use of semiconductors has put movable parts away from the sensor section, high reliability and durability can be obtained.These pressure switches are suitable for applications that require not only compact, light weight and vibration-proof features, but are also a better substitute toconventional pressure switches .