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The soft starter NOVADEM S3 (NS3) is designed to control all aspects of starting, stopping and protection of 3 phase squirrel cage motors up to 1200 kW at 690 V.These high performance digital starters offer a user interface that supports a quick programming method by using pre-configurated application macros.The NS3 also features as standard a RS232 serial link to communicate with a PC or a network.The NS3 starters allow a progressive starting, protection and stopping (freewheel, regulated or quick) of any three-phase asynchronous motors over a large range of power.The NS3 user interface is made of:A user-friendly display and keyboard interface for quick programming of every application by selecting the appropriate macro-programmingA RS 232 serial link to connect it to a PC or a networkThe powerful software enables the starter to be programmed and maintained without the constant need for an operating manual.Macro programmingThe use of macros greatly simplify the programming of the starter: it only requires to know the nominal current of the motor and the nature of the application.The macro program corresponding to your machine not only selects the relevant parameter settings for you, it also configures the programmable I/O terminals.Numerous application macros are available, such as: centrifugal pumps, vacuum pumps, fans, compressors, grinders, conveyors…However, if the application macro is not available, the NS3 allows for easy programming of all the functions and parameters by means of the 40 character user interface.