Aoip RAYOMATIC USB Non-Contact Thermometer

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Rayomatic USB non-contact thermometer measures temperatures from -40°C to 1000°C and provides a linear 4 to 20 mA output. The signal is compatible with almost any indicator, controller, recorder, data logger etc., without the need for special interfacing or signal conditioning.The non-contact temperature sensor is suitable for most materials such as food, paper textilies, plastics, leather, tabacco, pharmaceutical, chemicals, rubber coal and asphalt.Fully configurable by PC, Rayomatic USB is supplied with IRConfig software and USB cable. The emissivity and range can be set with the software or adjusted by OPC client. The sensor can be either connected with the 4-20 mA cable, the USB cable or both.8 to 14 µmTwo-wire 4-20 mA outputTemperature range, emissivity setting… configurable by PC via IRConfig software and USB cableEmissivity from 0.1 to 1.015:1, 30:1 and CF opticsOPC server capabilitiesData acquisition, alarms and scrolling graphical displayIP65 stainless steel housing