Ayvaz ACOP Condensate Transfer Pump

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Ayvaz ACOP Condensate Transfer Pump

Product Name: Ayvaz ACOP Condensate Transfer Pump
Brand: Ayvaz
Product Code: ACOP
Condensate Transfer Pump

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Ayvaz condensate pump is a system which is collecting the condensate and pump it with using steam as a feed water. Condensate pump can be work with gas, compressed air and steam. In high condesate situations, It can be able to use with double –triple way. In systems if the boiler feed water is on optimum temperatures, system recovers the maximum energy with help of this condensate pump systems. If you use the electrical pumps instead of condensate pump for send the high temperature condensate, the flash steam make some cavitations. To avoid this situtation from the system use mechanic condensate pump.Work PrinciplesCondensate comes from the input collector and goes on internal pipe and access check valve than enter in condesate pump body so tank is getting full . In tank when the condensate comes on the upper limit, ELK-2 level gauge check the conductivity and change it to electrical signal and send it to 3 way pneumatic valve for the giving contact which is on the steam line than allows it to be opened. In normally steam has more high pressure than the condensate pressure. When 3 way valve is close, system discharge condensate from the system with thermodynamic steam trap.When the condensate pressure is smaller than the opposite pressure in condensate pump, discharge operation do not ocur. Steam is occurs the condensate discharging with entering the body, which have more pressure than the opposite pressure. When the condensate limit is gettin bottom limit of the tank, ELK-2 level gauge send electrical signal to 3-way pneumatic valve for close the system for entering steam. After that condens enter again and getting full tank. This operation frequency is connect between the condensate quantity.If the users want they can be followthe condensate quantity, from contoller.