Barksdale Lockout Device for Heavy Duty Valves

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Valve Lockout Device is used on oil and gas applications to mechanically stop the handle from rotating to ensure that the valve remains inoperable while technicians carry out maintenance work. The Valve Lockout Device is attached to the operational part of Barksdale's heavy duty valve to prevent the valve from changing position. Valve lockouts help prevent potentially harmful accidents during maintenance or repairs and allow workers to close off or isolate energy sources such as hydraulic pressure and fluids. This specific lockout device is designed for use on Barksdale's heavy duty valves 1/2" valves or 1" oil & gas valves to stop any rotation of the handle.This lockout device meets the scope of OSHA 1910.147, subpart O.General Specifications*Material:Zinc plated carbon steelWeight:1/2” Port size1” Port size0.7 lbs (0.34 kg)1.6 lbs (0.72 kg)Installation Instruction:- Remove the two bolts and nuts on the side where the detent holes are.- Install the bracket on the housing.- Retighten the bolts and nuts with torque wrench to:   • 180 in3/lbs for 1/2”   • 480 in3/lbs for 1”- Remove all the components on top of the valve to the detent disc.- Discard the detent disc. Install the new detent disc.- Re-install all components on top of the valve.- Tighten the handle nut finger tight then wrench it a half turn.* See product configurator for additional options.