Barksdale BLS3000 Electronic Dual Level Switch

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Barksdale's BLS3000 Electronic Dual Level Switches combine three discrete components (dual level switch, pressure transducer, and digital level gauge) into one compact package. The BPS300 is available in three configurations:  1) dual switch points, 2) dual switch points with analog output (4-20 mA or 0-10 V), or 3) single switch with analog output.  Setpoints and deadband are easily adjusted using a user-friendly menu where hysteresis can be set up to 125% of its measuring range. Analog transducer outputs are scalable from 25% to 100% of the full adjustable range. The BLS3000 offers an easy to read 4-digit 14-segment LED angled display which is rotatable to 320°.  The BLS3000 is an ideal solution for applications requiring precision level control, flexibility and extremely long life.General Specifications*Sensor element:Reed switchMaterials:Wetted parts:    Stem (Fitting, Tube):    Float:    Seals:    Electronic housing:Stainless steel 316TiNBR (BUNA-N) foamFKM, EPDM or NBR (BUNA-N)Stainless steel 316Ti, PBT, elastomerOperating elements:3 easy-response push-buttonsEnclosure rating:Type 1 / Type 4X (IP65) / Type 6 (IP67)Protection class:IIIElectrical connection:Plug M12 x 1, 4-pin / 5-pin / 8-pin (depending on Output selection)Process connection:See Product Configurator for process connection optionsFloat BN17:Density medium:Depth of immersion:min. 0.02 lb/in³ (0.60 g/cm³)0.59” ± 0.07” (15 ± 2 mm) (water)0.74” ± 0.07” (19 ± 2 mm) (oil 0.75)Ø0.70”, height 0.98” (Ø17.8 mm, height 25 mm)Dimensions enclosure:1.6 Ø x 4.5 inches (41 x 110 mm)For 1/2" NPT (without M12 connector or probe).Contact factory for other sizes.Weight:Approx. 0.77 lb (350 g) (for G1/2” size and 250 mm L0, for exact weight, contact factory)Total lenght (L0):9.8" (250 mm), 14.6" (370 mm), 16.1" (410 mm), others on request up to 39.4” (1000 mm)Accuracy:± 1 digit (without turbulence) including temperature influence and repeatabilityResolution:1/5" (5 mm)Max. pressure:43.5 psi (3 bar)Temperature range:Medium:Ambient/Operating:Storage:-13 °F to +176 °F (-25 °C... +80 °C)-4 °F to +158 °F (-20 °C… + 70 °C)-22 °F to +176 °F (-30 °C… + 80 °C)Power supply:15 to 28 V DC,reversed polarity protected (SELV, PELV)Power consumption:Approx. 50 mA (without load)Approx. 80 mA (Output Code 6)Digital display:4-digit 14-segment LED display, red, digit height 0.35 inches (9 mm)Error display:LED RED and alphanumeric displayAnalog output:Current output:Load:Scanning rate:Voltage output:Rating:Adjustment range:4-20 mAmax. RI = (Ub-12V) / 20 mARI = 600 Ohm at Ub = 24 V DC2 ms0 to 10 V DCmax. 10 mA25% to 100% f. s.Units:Distance:Volume:%, mm, cm, m, inch, feet,liter, m³, gallonTransistor switchting outputs:Switching function:Normally open/normally closed,standard / window mode andadjustable functionsSwitching output:PNPAdjustment range forswitching point andhysteresis:0 % to 125 % f. s.Switching frequency:Max. 100 HzLoadMax. 500 mA, short-circuit proofDelay0.0 s to 50 s adjustableStatus display(s):LED(s) redEMI:EN 61000-4-2 ESD - 4 kV CD / 8 kV ADEN 61000-4-3 HF radiated - 10 V/mEN 61000-4-4 Burst - 2 kVEN 61000-4-5-Surge - 1/2 kVEN 61000-4-6 HF conducted - 10 VShock resistanceDIN EN 60028-2-27 - 50 g (11 ms)Vibrations resistanceDIN EN 60028-2-26 - 20 g (10...2000 Hz)Approvals:cULus1