Barksdale Series B1X, B2X Explosion Proof Bourdon Tube

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Barksdale's B1X and B2X Explosion Proof Bourdon Tube Pressure Switches offer instrument class accuracy, making them an ideal solution to your hazardous location pressure control needs when accuracy is critical. Built-in over-travel stops allow for higher proof pressures than most other pressure switch technologies. Setpoints are easily adjusted via an internal adjustment screw. Available in single and dual circuit configurations, Bourdon Tube Pressure Switches are adaptable for use in a wide range of industrial applications. A variety of limit switches is available to allow for a multitude of electrical switching conditions. For applications requiring a highly accurate switch in a highly durable package, Barksdale Bourdon Tube Pressure Switches are the ideal solution.General Specifications*Electrical Characteristics:All models incorporate Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. and CSA Listed single pole double throw snap-action switching elements.Accuracy1:±1% of the adjustable rangeSwitch:Type:Rating:Single pole double throw (SPDT) snap action; single or dual circuit3 amps @ 480 VAC (standard)Wetted Parts:Process Fitting & Bourdon Tube:Enclosure:316 series stainless steelDie-cast aluminumElectrical Connection:Internal terminal strip via conduit connection (1/2" NPT on B1X models, 3/4" NPT on B2X models)Enclosure Ratings:NEMA 4, 7, 9Pressure Connection:Models with proof pressures up to 7,200 psi: 1/4" NPT Female; Models with higher pressure ranges: Superpressure Fitting for 1/4" O.D. tubeApprovals:UL/CSA (standard):ATEX (optional):UL File No.#E37043;CSA File No. #LR22354Hazardous Locations, Class I Division I,Groups B, C, & D; Class II Groups E, F, & GEx models are ATEX marked as follows:CE 0081, ISSeP 08 ATEX024XEx II 2G D, Ex d IIC T6GbEx tb IIIC T80°C Db IP65-40°C ? Tamb ? +75°CTemperature Range:Operating:-40° to +165°F (-40° to +74°C)Adjustment Instructions:Remove protective hex cap to remove adjustment screw.Turn main unit adjustment screw clockwise to lower setpoint, counterclockwise to raise setpoint.For optional adjustable actuation value (deadband) models, set the desired DECREASING setpoint first and then turn microswitch adjustment wheel counterclockwise to increase the amount of deadband until the desired INCREASING setpoint is achieved.Options:- Gold contact Limit switch; 1 A @ 125 VAC- 1/2" NPT female process connection- Cleaned for oxygen service - consult factory for details- Adjustable deadband- Temperature compensation and pre-cycle- Hermetically sealed limit switchShipping Weight:8.5 lbs. approximate* See product confi gurator for additional options.Note 1: ±1% for 32-110°F; ±2% for > 110°F; -2/+3°F for