Barksdale Series III-L Valves Actuated Heavy Duty

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Barksdale's Series III-L valve provides an optimal solution for the upmost reliability and safety by combining the dependable features of our heavy duty Shear-Seal® valves with the reliability of the integrated actuator, providing an all in one package saving customers time in installation and maintenance.With the ability to handle high pressure demands between 3000 to 5000 psi while maintaining a high flow capability of 75 GPM, the Series III-L is well suited to tolerate contaminated media. The combination of the high flow and high pressure and virtually zero-leakage* makes the Series III-L valve the choice for the toughest applications where zero-leakage* is a must.General Specifications*- Main Valve Media Type:Hydraulic oil only or water based withstainless steel bodyWorking Pressure:1” Size:Hydraulic up to 3,000 or 5,000 psi(206 bar or 345 bar)Back Pressure:250 psi (17.2 bar) max at return portProof Pressure:1.5x working pressure except at return portBurst Pressure:2x working pressure except at return port (3,000 psi [206 bar])Pressure Drop (all Valves):See supplemental guide for detailed informationPorting:1” NPT standardOptional: SAE 16 (SAE J1926)Media Temperature Range:-30° to +185°F (-34.4° to +85°C)Handle Detent:All valves have 3-position detents for manual shift to center positionPanel Mounting:Standard for 1/4”- 1/2” valves Refer to sales drawings for 1” & 1-1/2” valvesWetted Materials:Body:Shaft:Rotor & Seals:Standard O-Rings:Phosphate coated carbon steel or stainless steel optionStainless steel400 series stainless steelBuna NOption: Viton®, Neoprene, EPRExternal:Housing:Hardware:Handle & Detent Disc:Phosphate coated carbon steelPlated carbon steelPlated carbon steelFlow Characteristics:Cv Factor = 9.2Capacity : 75 GPM @ 60ft/sec- Pilot Actuator Working Pressure:Air:Hydraulic:Range: 80 to 120 psi(5.5 to 8.3 bar)Range: 200 to 1,000 psi(13.8 to 68.9 bar)Porting:1/4”- 18 NPTMedia Temperature Range:-30° to +185°F (-34.4° to +85°C)Speed of Operation:1/2 second or more for 90° throw to avoid damage (Restrict actuator flow to control speed)Materials:Cylinder:End Plate:Hardware:Hard anodized aluminumAnodized aluminumPlated carbon steelWeight (Valve & actuator):48 lbs (21.8 kg) : pneumatic model49 lbs (22.2 kg) : hydraulic model* See product confi gurator for additional options