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Barksdale now offers diaphragm seals for many of our pressure sensing products. Diaphragm seals (also known as chemical seals) are designed to meet stringent requirements in demanding applications, isolating the pressure device from adverse effects of the process media. Diaphragm seals protect the pressure sensor in situations where the media is corrosive, abrasive, viscous, crystallizing, or where there is a high process temperature. They can be used in sanitary processes requiring clean-out, or where high-purity media is involved. With diaphragm seal options now available for Barksdale pressure switches, pressure transducers and solid state pressure switches, you've got more choices. Download the Diaphragm Seal datasheet for more information.Transducer Series:423/425/426, 423N1/425N1/426N1, 423X/425X/426X, 433/435/436, 443/445/446Electronic:SW2000, UDS7, UDS3Bourdon Tube:B1T/B2T, B1X/B2XDiaphragm Switches:D1H/D2H, D1T/D2T, D1X/D2X, CD1H/CD2H, DPD1T/DPD2T, CDPD1H/CDPD2HDia-Seal Piston:E1H, P1H, P1XCompact Explosion Proof:9681X