Barksdale UDS3 Multiple Output Electronic Switch

Barksdale UDS3  Multiple Output Electronic Switch Image

Barksdale UDS3 Multiple Output Electronic Switch

Product Name: Barksdale UDS3 Multiple Output Electronic Switch
Brand: Barksdale
Product Code: UDS3
Multiple Output Electronic Switch

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Barksdale's UDS3 Electronic Pressure Switch offers the unique ability to switch four discrete circuits in a single, compact unit. In addition to its four SPDT relays, the UDS3 comes tandard with either a 4-20 mA or a 0-10 VDC analog output and a digital pressure display with 1/2" tall, easy-to-read digits. A scalable bar graph display provides even greater visibility. Analog outputs are scalable from 25% to 100% of the full adjustable range. A 12-bit microprocessor provides built-in diagnostics and allows for switch time delays and pressure cycling up to 100 times per second. Pressure units may be readily toggled between psi, bar, kPa, °C and °F units. For applications requiring precision pressure control, multiple switchpoints and extremely long life, the UDS3 Series is the ideal solution.General Specifications*Accuracy:0.5% FSLinearity Error:±0.5% f. s. at 77°F (25°C)Repeatability:±0.1% f. s.Sensor Element:Piezoresistive silicon measuring cellWetted Parts:Housing:Seals:Keypad:304 stainless steelCast aluminum FKMPolyester fi lmMeasuring Ranges:0 - 9,000 psi, gaugeMeasuring Ranges (psi):1507501500300060009000Proof Pressure (psi):220110021754400900011600Process Connection:1/4“ NPT FOption : G1/4 F, bottom entryElectrical Connection:Plug-in, terminal strip with 14 slots for 1.5 mm2, 14 AWG slotsPower Supply:18 - 32 VDC, reversed polarity protectedA/D-Converter:Resolution:Scanning Rate:12 bit (4096 steps per span)1000 / sTime Constant:Approx. 40sAnalog Output:Current Output:Load:Load Influence:Scanning Rate:Voltage Output:Rating:Adjustment Range4-20 mAmax. Rl = (Ub-12 V) / 20 mARl= 600 Ohm at Ub = 24 VDC0.3% / 100 Ohm1 ms0 - 10 VDCmax. 10 mA, short circuit-proof25% to 100% f. s.Switching Output(s):Switching Function:Contact Rating:Cycles:Switching Rate:Delay:Operation Time:Status Display:Normally open / normally closed, analog output, standard-/windows-modemax. 120 VDC / 250 V ACmax. 12 W / 1250 VA1 million @ 24 VDC/2Amax. 20 / s0.0 to 9.9 s adjustable1 mSS1 to S4 on LCD displayDigital Display:Height:Bargraph:Trend Arrows:Display Range:Display Rate:Display Unit:8-digit 14-segment LCD display0.5 in. (green)20-segmentsLast value change-9999 to 99994 / sbar / psi / psi x 10 / hPa / mbar / °C / °FOperating Elements:Keypad with easy response push buttonsTemperature Range:Media:Electronics:Storage:-13° to 212°F (-25°C to +100°C)14° to 158°F (-10°C to + 70°C)-22° to 176°F (-30°C to + 80°C)Temperature Influence:±0.2% f. s. /10KCompensation Range:14° to 158°F (-10°C to +70°C)Power Consumption:appr. 350 mA at Ub = 24 V DC (without load)Protection Class:IP65Dimensions (Housing):3.9 (W) X 5.3 (H) X 3.1 (D) inches[100 (W) X 135 (H) X 80 (D) mm]Cable Gland:1 x PG 13.5 side entry = standardAdditional Features:8-digit 14-segment LCD display with bargraph and trend indication, microcontroller, self monitoring, all parameters are confi gured by keypad, selective keypad lock, high accuracy,quick scanning rate (1 ms).Weight:pprox. 2 lb* See product confi gurator for additional options.