Brinkmann SBA141 Horizontal End-Suction Pump

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SBA141, 142, 143 – Axial/Semi-open impellersHorizontal End-Suction Pumps are centrifugal inline pumps with a compact design where the impeller is mounted onto the extended motor shaft. These pumps are not self-priming and must be gravity fed. All pumps are equipped with a single mechanical seal. Upon request a second mechanical seal is available to allow for dry-running (-GD).This pump series is designed for horizontal installations next to a tank and for pumping air entrained coolant fluids, such as water-soluble coolants or cutting oils, as they occur in high speed turning, milling or grinding applications.The SBA pumps are equipped with the user-friendly (SAE) flange connection which allows for either vertical or horizontal pipe connection and the connection of a pressure gauge with G ¼.For more information see mechanical features within the technical information section.Applications Types of fluid water coolants cooling/cutting oilsKinematic viscosity45 mm²/s (45 cSt)Pumping temperature 0 – 80°C ConstructionPump bodyCast ironCoverCast ironImpeller axialCast steelImpeller radialCast steelShaftSteelMechanical sealSiCNoise levelSBA141…SBA14264 dBASBA14368 dBA