Brinkmann STA301/120 Immersion Pump

Brinkmann STA301/120   Immersion Pump Image

Brinkmann STA301/120 Immersion Pump

Product Name: Brinkmann STA301/120 Immersion Pump
Brand: Brinkmann
Product Code: STA301/120
Immersion Pump

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A302, STA301, 302, 303, 304, 305, 306 – Semi-open impellersImmersion Pumps are plain centrifugal pumps with the impeller fitted on the driving shaft extension. They are mounted on top of the container, the pump extension being immersed in the coolant. The maximum coolant level must stay a few mm/inches below the mounting flange.The STA serie offers a (SAE) flange with pressure gauge connection port. The flange can be rotated for either horizontal  or vertical pipe connections.All types are also available as quick-suctioning immersion pumps equipped with “BRINKMANN’s Suction De-aeration System”. See series TAL/STS.All types are also available as suction immersion pump with a connection to the vacuum filters on the suction side. See series STS.Applications Types of fluid coolants cooling/cutting oilsKinematic viscosity 90 mm²/s (90 cSt)Pumping temperature 0 – 80°C 0 – 60°C (TA302)Higher temperatures upon request ConstructionPump bodyCast ironCoverCast ironPOM (TA302)ImpellersBrassPOM (TA302)ShaftSteelOptionalSuction coverWith threaded inletImpellerCast steelOther materialsOn requestNoise levelTA302 – STA30260 dBASTA303 – STA30666 dBA