Brinkmann (S)TC40/550 Immersion Pump

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TC40/260, 40/340, 40/430, 40/550, 40/715, 40/720 – Closed impellersOur multistage pump models TC25…TC460 have been especially developed to supply internally cooled tools with coolant fluid. Closed impellers provide optimal hydraulic efficiencies while minimizing power consumption.For alternating machining using internally and externally cooled tools, these models are available with Y/YY-connfigured pole-changing motor (Dahlander) for optional changeover to half speed operation.A frequency converter can be supplied for special applications or for matching the pump characteristic to a specific duty point.See page “Control/Regulation” in the Technical Information section of this catalog for further information.Extended length is possible. See mechanical/hydraulic features within the technical information section.Upon request all STC pumps are available with an SAE flange *) Dimensions STC160Applications Types of fluid water coolants cooling/cutting oilsKinematic viscosity25 mm²/s (25 cSt)Pumping temperature 0 – 60°C ConstructionPump bodyCast ironPump shellSteelCoverPBTBIntake strainerSteelImpellersPBTBShaftSteelMechanical sealSiCO-ringsVitonOptionalPole-changing motor4 – 2 polesPump bodyBronzeCrNi-steelNoise levelTC40/260 – 40/55058 dBATC40/715 – 40/72063 dBA