Brinkmann SGL332 / 190 Slurp submersible pump

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Sucking submersible pumps ofthe TGL / SGL series with patented "Suction ventilation system BRINKMANN" are ideal for pumping cooling and cutting oils (grinding oils) with a high air content, such as occur with high-speed grinding .The suction submersible pumps reach a stable delivery state as soon as the liquid level covers the suction opening.Series SGL with SAE flange optionally for vertical or horizontal pipe connection with pressure gauge connectionG ¼ .TGL / SGL331 ... 333Technical drawingCharacteristicsField of applicationMediaCooling emulsions Cooling and cutting oilsGrinding oilsKinematic viscosity... 45 mm² / s (45 cSt)Delivery temperature0 ... 80 ° CexecutionPump bodyCast ironcoverCast ironAxial impellerCast steelRadial impellerCast steelwavestoleTechnical specificationsTypeFlowatheadupmeasureDivingdepthoverallweight Leist-clothesChipvoltage3 ~frequencyfrequencyelectricityrotaryspeedl / min / mH mmh mmkgkWVHzA1 / minTGL331 / 140    200/526414016.00.85220-240503.642850220      22017.0 380-415502.102850290      29017.5     370      37018.50.98460602nd3450460      46020.0     570      57021.0     SGL331 / 140    200/533414022.00.85220-240503.642850220      22023.0 380-415502.102850290      29024.0     370      37025.00.98460602nd3450460      46027.0