BUCHER WL22SD2D13A-16-1 Logic Element

BUCHER WL22SD2D13A-16-1   Logic Element Image

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 350 l/min, 420 bar Area ratio 2 : 1 High flow rates with low ?p Seat?valve shut?off from 1 ? 2 and 2 ? 1 No pilot oil consumption at port 3 With or without seal on the seated valve spool Various opening pressures Orifice for pilot port is integrated in in the cartridge all external parts are chromited and are Cr VI?free Can be fitted in a line?mounting body 1. Description Series WL22SD...?16 logic cartridges are 2/2, screw?in, actively controlled valves with the 2 switched positions "ON" and "OFF", 2 main ports 1 and 2, a pilot port 3, and a closing spring. All external parts are chromited (Cr VI? free) and are thus suitable for use in the harshest operating environments. For customers who manufacture their own manifold blocks, we offer form?tool sets for sale or hire. Use the GEBAA body with threaded ports (G1") for line? mounting applications.