BUCHER QX53-063R Gear Pump

BUCHER QX53-063R   Gear Pump Image

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DescriptionThe QX pumps are the 5th generation of Bucher internal gear pumps, which have proven themselves in thirty years of service around the world. The straightforward and rugged construction guarantees long service life without the need for extensive maintenance. Tandem and multiple pumps are available worldwide in more than 1000 variants.AdvantagesOperating pressure up to 400 barOpen circle operationUse with constant drive or variable-speed driveUp to 70% energy savingUp to 20 dB (A) quieterLong service lifeTechnical DataTypePeak pressurebarContinuous pressure max.barDisplace­mentcm³/revSpeed max.rpmVolumetric efficiency%QX2...400100 - 3604,8 - 15,93600> 95QX3...400100 - 36010,0 - 31,23400> 95QX4...400100 - 36020,4 - 64,73200> 95QX5...400100 - 34039,3 - 101,13000> 95QX6...400100 - 33080,2 - 249,72500> 95QX8...400100 - 330163,0 - 402,61800> 95ApplicationsPlastics machineryWaste compactorsMachine toolsHydraulic pressesDiecasting machinesLift/elevator drivesHydraulic power unitsLift trucks