Dropsa SMX-3-V 08S-04BB-04S Distributor

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MODULAR CONCEPT The modularity of the SMX progressive dividers allows for extremely easy flexibility in adapting to the lubrication system to suit the need of the design of the system.  COMPATIBILITY WITH DROPSA PROGRESSIVE SYSTEMS The compatibility of the AIR/OIL. block with traditional SMX systems allows one or more AIR/OIL blocks to be inserted into systems that are already in operation: it’s only necessary to have a compressed air generator.  SAVE ON LUBRICANT The oil delivered into air stream is accurately metered according to the effective requirement of the lubrication point. This avoids expensive lubricant wastage.  LUBRICANT VISCOSITY It is possible to use any type of lubricant with viscosity between 15 e 1000 cSt at a fluids working temperature between 0°C e 80°C: The best conditions are obtained with oil viscosity between 32 e 320 cSt at a temperature 40°C:  COOLING OF LUBRICATED PARTS The continuous supply of a mixed air stream, besides lubricating, also has a cooling effect.  RETAINING ACTION The over pressure inside the lubricated element prevents the ingress of foreign bodies.  CONTROL FUNCTION Thanks to the progressive system, the malfunctioning of a metering element is signaled by a control device.  ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY The Air/Oil system does not produce oil mist.