Foxboro SRI990-BIMS7EAA-Y Positioner

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Foxboro-Eckardt Positionerlntelligent Positioner (lntrinsically Safe)Base Model: SRD991-BDNS7EA4NY-V07FUNCTION: lntelligent Positioner SRD991 certif?ed Ex ia/lntrinsically Safe or not with advanced diagnastics taSRD991 aperate pneumatic valve actuatars. lnput Signal 4-20 mA/HART/ PROFIBUS-PA / FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1according to FISCOB VERSION: Single ActingD INPUT/COMMUNICATION: lntelligent withoutCommunication (4 - 20 mA)N ADDITIONAL INPUTS/OUTPUTS: Prepared lorAdditional in-/outputsS BUILT-IN LiMiT SWITCH: Without7 CABLE ENTRY: M20 x 1.5 with ene plastic Cable GlandEA4 ELECTRICAL CERTIFICATION: 112 G Ex iane T4 Gbaccarding ta ATEXN ATTACHMENT KIT: Order as auxiliaryy MANIFOLD: Pneumatic connection 1/4 - 18 NPT made ofan additianal manifaldV07 OPTIONAL MODEL SUFFIX(ES) INCLUDED: LCD