Foxboro 244LD-SI4R1RNMH1C4-ML236 Transmitter

Foxboro 244LD-SI4R1RNMH1C4-ML236  Transmitter Image

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Base Model: 244LD-SI4R1RNMH1C4-ML236PSS Reference: EML0710A244LDFUNCTION: Intelligent transmitter designed to perform measurements for liquid level, interface or density of liquids. The measurement is based on the Archimedes Buoyancy Principle.SWAFER BODY MATERIAL (Process Wetted): 1.4404 equivalent to 316L / 1.4435, application from -60°C to +400°CITORQUE TUBE MATERIAL (Process Wetted): Inconel 600 - 2.48164WAFER BODY FLANGE SIZE: 4 inchR1WAFER BODY PRESSURE RATING AND CONTACT FACE: ANSI Class 150 Form Raised Face / Raised FaceRWAFER BODY MOUNTING DIRECTION: (Amplifier To Body) Right Hand mountedNVERSION: Base VERSION LEVELSTAR - (244LD)MCABLE ENTRY: M20x1.5 without cable glandHCOMMUNICATION: HART1C4ELECTRICAL CLASSIFICATION: ATEX Intrinsic Safe, Zone 1, IIC T4MOPTIONAL MODEL SUFFIX(ES) INCLUDED: External Pushbuttons for MaintenanceLOPTIONAL MODEL SUFFIX(ES) INCLUDED: Tag No. Labeling - stainless steel label fixed with wire2OPTIONAL MODEL SUFFIX(ES) INCLUDED: EN 10204-2.2 Specific Test Report (Calibration)3OPTIONAL MODEL SUFFIX(ES) INCLUDED: EN 10204-3.1 Inspection Certificate of Process Wetted Metallic Material6OPTIONAL MODEL SUFFIX(ES) INCLUDED: Comply With NACE Standard MR-01-75 C, H, I, J. N, Q, S, T, U, K, L, O, P, R2Calibrated Range0 - 100 %Lower Density0Upper Density100Tag No. Labeling-Lblank