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Gestra KS92-1

Product Name: Gestra KS92-1
Brand: Gestra
Product Code: KS92-1
Tags: Gestra KS92-1 Gestra KS92-1
Self-Tuning Universal Controller KS 92-1

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Description The universal controller is suitable for single closed-loop control systems and for automating industrial processes. The equipment is highly flexible and an economical and efficient solution for many industrial applications. The controller is self tuning during start-up and to the setpoint. An optional serial interface RS 422/485 is also available. The configuration and parameterization data are stored in an EEPROM. The user-friendly three-line alphanumeric “day & night” display enables convenient menu-driven operation on site of the controller by entering the configuration and parameter settings in accordance with the existing operating conditions and requirementsFunction Continuous controller PID controller Proportional band Xp : 1 to 9999 Integral time Ti [s]: 0.1 to 9999 s Derivative time Td [s]: 0.1 to 9999 s Switching controller 2 position (on-off) or 3 position stepping controller The universal controller KS 92-1 is self optimizing, which means that the equipment itself tunes the optimum control parameters to the setpoint.