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Gestra MPA46

Product Name: Gestra MPA46
Brand: Gestra
Product Code: MPA46
Tags: Gestra Gestra MPA46
Rapid-Action Intermittent Blowdown Valve MPA46

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DescriptionThe following rapid-action intermittent blowdown valves are installed in pipes to discharge boiler blowdown water: ? Rapid-action intermittent blowdown valve PA 46 or PA 47 (manually operated) ? Rapid-action intermittent blowdown valve MPA 46 or MPA 47 (automatically operated) The equipment is designed for discharging boiler blowdown water with non-metallic solids from steam boilers. The equipment must only be used within the allowable pressure and temperature limits and only if the chemical and corrosive influences on the equipment are taken into account.