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Gestra VK16

Product Name: Gestra VK16
Brand: Gestra
Product Code: VK16
Vaposkop VK 16

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The GESTRA Vaposcope is a sight flow indicator specially designed for monitoring flow conditions in pipelines. If installed upstream of steam traps the Vaposcope can be used for checking the traps for steam loss or for banking-up of condensate. Function Steam and condensate flow in a pipe in separate phases towards the steam trap. The regulator of a properly working steam trap is adjusted in such a way that only condensate but not steam is discharged. The condensate in the sightglass VK … flows under the deflector which remains immersed, or at least touches the condensate surface. Due to this siphon effect condensate is continuously moved to the steam trap where it is evacuated. Complete flooding of the Vaposcope VK … indicates bankingup of condensate. This may be done on purpose or because the steam trap is either undersized or failing to work correctly.  If the water level in the sightglass VK … is being considerably depressed during normal operation, it is a sure sign that the steam trap is passing live steam.