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Gestra ZK210

Product Name: Gestra ZK210
Brand: Gestra
Product Code: ZK210
Tags: Gestra Gestra ZK210
Control Valve with Radial Stage Nozzle

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Description Control valve for operation at high differential pressures. Application, for example, in industrial plants and power stations as ? Injection-cooling valve ? Warm-up valve ? Drain valve ? Continuous blowdown valve ? Feedwater control valve ? Leak-off valve ? Steam control valve The pressure drop is decreased in the radial stage nozzle in several stages, so that the flow velocity is reduced leading to a considerable reduction in wear and noise. Straight-through valve (DN 25, 50 (1", 2")) or angle valve (DN 80 (3")) with yoke, spindle with plug and radial stage nozzle. Internals (incl. seat) completely exchangeable. Leak rate A according EN12266-1