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Gestra GAV36F

Product Name: Gestra GAV36F
Brand: Gestra
Product Code: GAV36F
Tags: Gestra Gestra GAV36F GAV36F
Stop valve GAV 36F

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Description Straight-through bellows-sealed stop valve with flanged end connections to EN 1092-1. The valve is designed for shutting off and throttling the flow of neutral gases, vapours and liquids in all sectors of industry. The GAV 36F has a double-walled bellows made of stainless steel and a safety stuffing box with gland packing made of pure graphite. Sizes DN 15 to DN 100 come as standard with a throttling plug, sizes DN 125 to DN 300 with a shut-off plug. The equipment meets the requirements specified in TA Luft (German Technical Guideline on Air Quality Control). The equipment must only be used within the allowable pressure and temperature limits and only if the chemical and corrosive influences on the equipment are taken into account.