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Gestra NRG16-19

Product Name: Gestra NRG16-19
Brand: Gestra
Product Code: NRG16-19
Tags: Gestra Gestra NRG16-19 NRG16-19
Measuring electrode NRG 16-19

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Description The measuring electrodes NRG 16-19, NRG 16-27 and NRG 16-28 are designed for use in conjunction with suitable registration equipment (e.g. test station NRA 1-3) for monitoring steam traps. The measuring electrodes are either fitted directly in the steam trap or in a separate test chamber, and monitor the steam trap for banking-up of condensate or loss of live steam. The measuring electrodes NRG 16-27, NRG 16-28 feature an additional temperature sensor for detecting the condensate temperature. The test station NRA 1-3 is designed for the connection of up to max. 16 measuring electrodes and a temperature sensor Pt 100. F