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Gestra UNA14P

Product Name: Gestra UNA14P
Brand: Gestra
Product Code: UNA14P
Tags: Gestra UNA14P Gestra UNA14P
Air Trap UNA 14P, PN 25 DN 15, 20, 25

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Description UNA 14P is an air trap with ball float and rolling ball valve. The steam trap can be used for all operating conditions, as it is unaffected by back pressure. It consists of a body with bolted cover and a control unit. The control unit is freely accessible after removing the cover. It can be completely replaced without having to remove the valve body from the line. ? suitable for large condensate flowrates ? „h“-design for horizontal lines ? „v“-design for vertical lines (To convert “h” to “v” design or vice versa turn cover and control unit respectively) UNA 14P The air trap is suitable for draining condensate from compressed-air and other gas lines. There are two different control units available: Control unit “SIMPLEX” with steel valve ball or control unit “SIMPLEX P” with Perbunan® valve ball. The air traps feature as standard a manual purging device (float-lifting lever) and a 3 /8“ BSP connection (with plug) for the subsequent fitting of an air-balance pipe.