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Gestra NRG16-38S

Product Name: Gestra NRG16-38S
Brand: Gestra
Product Code: NRG16-38S
Gestra level electrode NRG16-38S

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Description The level electrode NRG 16-38S, NRG 16-39S is used in conjunction with level switch NRS 1-50 for water level limiting and level monitoring in steam boilers and (pressurised) hot-water installations on board of seagoing vessels, mobile offshore platforms or river boats. Water level limiters switch off the heating when the water level falls below the set minimum level (low water). Function The level electrode NRG 16-38S is an equipment combination consisting of 1 level electrode NRG 16-11 (water level limiter) and 1 level transmitter NRGT 26-1S (continuous level monitoring). The level electrode NRG 16-39S is an equipment combination consisting of 2 level electrodes NRG 16-11 (water level limiter) and 1 level transmitter NRGT 26-1S (continuous level monitoring). Water level limiter NRG 16-11 / NRS 1-50 The water level limiter is an equipment combination consisting of one or two level electrode(s) NRG 16-11 and one level switch NRS 1-50. When the water level falls below the low level, the level electrode is exposed and a low level alarm is triggered in the level switch NRS 1-50. This switchpoint “Low water level (LW)” is determined by the length of the electrode tip. After the de-energizing delay has elapsed, the two output contacts of the level switch NRS 1-50 will open the safety circuit for the heating. The equipment has a factory set default de-energizing delay of 15 seconds to compensate for the movements of the ship. The operation of the level electrode NRG 16-11 is based on the conductive measuring principle using the electrical conductivity of the water for signalling water level. The self-monitoring function ensures that an alarm will also be triggered if the electrode insulation is contaminated or has developed a leak or if there is a malfunction in the electrical connection. The level electrode is installed inside steam boilers or (pressurized) hot-water systems. The protective tube mounted on site ensures correct functioning. Continuous level monitoring NRGT 26-1S The level transmitter NRGT 26-1S is a compact-type system consisting of a capacitance level electrode with integrated level transmitter. The equipment works according to the capacitance measurement principle and provides a level proportional measuring current of 4-20 mA. The level transmitter continuously monitors the liquid level in steam boilers or hot-water installations.